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Why You Need AC Service in Dubai

Posted on April 11, 2018 in Uncategorized

Have you had your AC service in Dubai? If you are running a business, office space for lease, or have air conditioning in your home, you will probably need AC service at any given point. That’s because regular AC service includes cleaning—not just actual repairs on broken parts.

Here are some of the main reasons why you need to consider AC service as one of your essential maintenance in Dubai:

Clean Air

With AC service, one of the things that your maintenance people will do is the cleaning of your AC’s air filters and the entire motor. With this thorough cleaning, the maintenance people will need to also clean the cooling vents and may even need to remove your AC if it’s a window-type unit.

Why is it important to have your AC cleaned? As you can imagine, the air filter on your AC is the one that catches all the dirt, dust, and other small particles in the air circulating in your room. As time goes by, this filter accumulates so much dust and dirt that it may no longer be fully functional in catching the rest of the dust and particles in the room when it is running. So, in order to make it more efficient in doing this task, regular cleaning of your air filter is required.

For your regular cleaning, you can simply use a vacuum cleaner in sucking out the dust and dirt stuck to your air filter. However, you need to have your unit cleaned thoroughly perhaps every 6 months or 1 year depending on how often you use the unit.

Power Savings

This is connected to the cleaning requirement of your AC. When your unit is choked up with dust and dirt, it becomes less efficient and needs more power to do its job. If you have a clean air conditioning unit, it is easier for it to cool the room and therefore does not have to use too much power when running. You don’t only get to breathe clean air but you also save a lot in your electricity bill, which you can use to fund other maintenance needs.

General Maintenance

Aside from the concerns we mentioned above, you also have to make AC service in Dubai as your regular and essential maintenance because you can actually extend the life of your unit by doing so. With maintenance people checking your unit regularly, they can immediately see if there are some potential problems concerning your unit. If they detect it early, you can act on it early as well and prevent further damage to your unit. Usually, you just have to replace certain parts of the AC or maybe buy a new filter if your original AC filter is all worn down. You can save on costs as well because if you just replace certain parts, you don’t need to invest in a brand new unit and just maintain your old one until you see it fit to replace it with a new unit.